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  • Wildflower CBD Capsules, 30mg each
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Average Onset Time: 30-120 min
Average Length of Effects: 6-8 hrs

Includes: edibles, teas, infusions, tinctures, capsules

Infused foods are digested and metabolized by your body at a slow rate to provide deep and long-lasting relief. When it comes to cannabis, don’t eat edibles on an empty stomach, and be aware that they are likely to have stronger effects if you have recently eaten fatty foods.

Perfect for discreetly medicating before and during the workday for intense, long-lasting relief.

How to Use: To use cannabis edibles as medicine without getting “high,” consider microdosing every few hours throughout the day with pure-CBD or high-CBD products that have as little as 1-5 mg THC. If you are new to edibles, be sure to test your tolerance at a time without other responsibilities. 

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